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Jimmy K Mody

Jimmy K Mody
Human Potrntial Clinic, Noshirwan Mansion, India

Research Interest

1. RELATIONSHIPS. I wish to test out the hypotheses that it is through ?Differences? that we grow. Differences are essential for our learning, our evolution and growth. ?Differences? exist at all levels, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Between cells, between people. Between individuals. The dynamics of Groups. Between the inner and the outer. Within us, within our universes. Are all our relationships used to manage our differences? Or, to learn and grow from them? Recently I published an initial paper on this, in the Journal of Clinical & Experimental Psychology, (peer reviewed), entitled ? ?Redefining the Value of Relationships?. Many years ago I floated a group on Facebook called ? 2. DOES INFINITY EXIST? WHO CAN EVER KNOW? WHO CARES! Like the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the more we move towards it, the further away it seems to go. Perhaps instead, we need to understand that all learning, evolution, and growth, are infinite journeys we are all on. Where the destination is less important perhaps then the journey itself. Where the need to learn never ceases. Can learning itself be the end goal instead of the means? In which case we should all just constantly focus on trying to discover what it is we feel we need or desire to learn. What and how to change and grow, more and more and more? Who decides? What is it that motivates, guides, and pushes learning and growth? Why? Today is it still purely ?survival? that influences and guides all learning, growth and evolution? Can evolution today be linked to learning and consciousness expansion? Does epigenetics prove that ?learning? exists at the cellular level and hence perhaps the act of learning is most fundamental to our being? In which case perhaps evolution needs to now be redefined as a continuous process of learning, organic and psychological? Are we open to discuss, debate and dialogue this issue?