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Improving Performance by Achieving Occupational Safety, Health-Daily Life and Work

Rasha Waheeb*

Our study is concerned with providing measures of security, personal safety, and companionship, as the availability of security and safety is considered one of the most important and basic requirements in order to ensure that work in practical life and various humanitarian activities are carried out successfully. This is because a person is more reassured if he takes good care of the requirements of security, safety, and protection while engaging in any activity, whatever it may be. Security and safety measures and procedures differ according to the places in which the person is present, as well as their difference according to the work and tasks that he performs. In household measures, utmost care is given to children in particular, and they are constantly monitored, as they may expose themselves and those around them to various types of dangers, so attention must be paid to the various sources of fire. And to gas cylinders, etc. All of this may, God forbid, lead to major and dangerous problems that greatly threaten home security and safety. Take all necessary precautions regarding fences, wires, and electrical appliances, as such matters may also lead to major and dangerous disasters. Therefore, various chemical materials must be placed out of the reach of everyone, especially children. Attention should also be paid to the need for these containers containing chemicals to be known to everyone, and distinguished from other containers containing drinks and various foodstuffs, to prevent any confusion. As for measures on the street, they are also considered necessary, such as strict adherence to all signs and various traffic instructions. This ensures that the danger on the roads is reduced to a minimum, and driving ethics must be demonstrated. Driving is an art, taste, and morals, and hence the driver must not treat others in the same way they treat him, and also pay attention to pedestrians to the greatest extent possible. Accidents that may cause damage to vehicles are much less serious than those that may cause harm to humans, and adhere to the legal speeds, and not exceed them. This is because excessive speed is considered the basis of problems, various
traffic accidents, and not being distracted by anything while driving. Such as talking on the phone, or with others, or playing with children, or any other type of distraction. As for measures at work, they include maintaining the cleanliness of the facility within the required standards, which ensures the safety of its workers. Place security and safety instructions in clear places for all workers. Workers should be informed of all the risks of the profession in which they will work, and such matters should not be left unknown. Some establishments are giving training courses related to public safety, as a step towards training workers on various safety procedures. Continuously monitor workers in order to adhere to public safety conditions, and not leave things without real controls. Paying attention to providing the facility with all means of security and safety such as alarms, public safety means, firefighting systems, and others.

Published Date: 2024-05-22; Received Date: 2024-04-24