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Seven main trends in Aesthetic Medicine in 2018

Joint Event on 5th International Conference on Advances in Skin, Wound Care and Tissue Science & 14th International Conference on Clinical Dermatology
October 15-16, 2018 Rome, Italy

Monika Czernik

Centre for Medical Sciences & Research, UK

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: Clin Pediatr Dermatol


Aesthetic Medicine as a multidisciplinary subspecialty of medicine plays important role in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging prophylaxis. As a integrated medical procedures they are aimed to at using non -invasive to minimal invasive medical intervention. Today’s studies show that skin quality is not be addressed as much it could be at doctor clinics. Many patients complain about skin fatigue -the words being used by patients are: Less radiant, gull, tired, dry, and exhausted. 1. Skin Quality injections: Microinjections on the surface of the skin, previously called Skin Boosters. More focused on skin Hydration. It was positioned as a alternative to Mesotherapy (NCTF) has been launched by Allergan -Jouvederm Volite -to treat great quality - hyaluronic acid injection to give a skin elasticity and hydration. Results last for 9-12 months. 2. Regenerative medicine The new aesthetic medicine Aesthetic medicine can be divided into two types of treatment: • The Corrective treatments like Botox and Fillers • The Regenerative treatments The most spectacular example is Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Fibrin. It is a most widespread of autologous cell grafting procedures. The future is having them both in one treatment: Corrective and regenerative. The whole idea is not to fill a wrinkle but to stimulate fibroblasts and the grow factors to produce a new collagen, regenerate the dermis, improve hydration and renew a skin and consistency. Second generation of Plasma called by his inventor Dr. Joseph Choukron Platelet Rich Fibrin has been commonly successfully used in dentistry, oral surgery, dental implantology maxilla-facial surgery, traumatology, sport injuries, TMJ disorders orthopaedics. 3. Sub mental fullness is now being addressed with fat-reduced injectable • New treatment of double chin has been launched in 2017 -Kybella R Belkyra R Chin reducing injections. It is made from deoxycholic acid-a naturally occurring molecule. It breaks down a wall of fatty tissues. The body can then to eliminate unwanted tissue. The fat cells die off and do not return. It has mainly been used to treat double chin, buttocks, neck and arms. 4. Lifting threads with rejuvenating effects are all the range The lifting effect is an immediate and discreet as a result of compressing the tissue and the skin at the time of implanting the suture. There is also tissue stimulating effect which comes from following example: Poly-lactic acid (PLA) the principal component of the threads acts on deeper layers of the skin and stimulate to produce collagen type II and IV. The regenerating affect is gradual. It is used in Silhouette Soft Threads like Princess lift from Chroma (PDO thread). 5. Bespoke cosmeceuticals is the way forward Universe- skin provided by French cosmeceuticals brand with a mission to revolutionize cosmeceuticals industry by providing successful one-the-spot bespoke skin care. The doctor will assess your skin concern based on a questionnaire which then Colour codes the outcome to match specific ingredients. A tailor-mdi serum called Nexultra P will be created. All three specific actives come in a powder form and are mixed in the serum base in the centrifuge-type machine. The choice of three specific compounds following the patient’s exact skin needs: • Mono function Actives: Ferulic, DMAE, rutin, Vit B5, glycolic acid, arbutic kojic acid. • Duo Function Actives: Superoxide dismutase, azelaic acid, madecassoside. • Multi-Function Actives: Vit. B3, aloe vera, isoflavones, retinol, L-ascorbic acid. Product has its shelf-life 6 weeks’ time. It must be stored into a fridge. 5. Laser Tattoo removals 6. Combination of eyes treatment Latest application of the fillers for the tear trough, Botox, Radio-frequency, Ultrasound for instant tightening and longer-term collagen boost.

Biography :

Tomasz Ziach achieved his master's degree in Stomatology from Warsaw Medical University. He has completed postgraduate internship in Maxillo -Facial Surgery Department where he has achieved degree in Oral Surgery. From 2006 he attended numerous courses in School of Dentistry in Birmingham UK and has completed postgraduate Diploma in Oral Implantology in Cambridge University of United Kingdom. In 2010 he started his postgraduate course in Bristol University and Reading Bob Khana advanced integrated Aesthetic Medicine. In the meantime, He has completed lots of postgraduate courses in Facial Aesthetics: Stomygen postgraduate Master Diploma -POIESIS provided by prof. Ezio Costa, ECLEST- certified by EBBA. - Warsaw University, Diet and Nutrition Diploma in Oxford University in 2014. Since 2015 qualified member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Facial Aesthetics in London. He has provided and participated in lots of Congresses and Training courses in Warsaw, Vienna, Sienna, Berlin, Miami, Bristol and London. One of the propagators of application of PRF and PRP in Facial Aesthetic,Trichology, Facial traumatology as intra oral and extra oral -integrated Stomatology - Cambridge University -provided by Joseph Choukron postgraduate course. Course provider in Aesthetic Medicine Training Centre London -Centre for Medical Science and Research.