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Important citations
Chapter Fifteen - Few biomedical applications of carbon nanotubes
New strategy for determination of anti-viral drugs based on highly conductive layered composite of MnO2/graphene/ionic liquid crystal/carbon nanotubes
Design strategy and preparation of a conductive layered electrochemical sensor for simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid, dobutamine, acetaminophen and amlodipine
Electrochemical Method for the Determination of Three New Anti-Hepatitis C Drugs: Application in Human Blood Serum
Highly Conductive Crown Ether/Ionic Liquid Crystal-Carbon Nanotubes Composite Based Electrochemical Sensor for Chiral Recognition of Tyrosine Enantiomers
Label-free electrochemical analysis of biomacromolecules
Carbon nanotube - A review on Synthesis, Properties and plethora of applications in the field of biomedical science
Electrochemical sensor for determination of Dopamine based on MnCr2O4 nanocomposites modified carbon paste electrode
Poly (fast sulphone black F) modified pencil graphite electrode sensor for serotonin
Green synthesis of hybrid silver nano structures using Cassia occidentalis plant leaf broth and their characterization
Selective Determination of Norepinephrine at SAOS/MWCNT/MCPE: A Voltammetric Study
Enzyme-less sensing of the kidney dysfunction biomarker creatinine using an inulin based bio-nanocomposite
ZrO2-Graphene-Chitosan nanocomposite modified carbon paste sensor for sensitive and selective determination of dopamine
Graphite/Ag/AgCl nanocomposite as a new and highly efficient electrocatalyst for selective electroxidation of oxalic acid and its assay in real samples
Voltammetry of local anesthetics: theoretical and practical aspects
Electrochemical Investigation of Catechol and Hydroquinone at Poly(o-Phenylenediamine) Modified Carbon Paste Electrode: A Voltammetric Study
Electrochemical Investigation of Catechol and Hydroquinone at Poly(o-Phenylenediamine) Modified Carbon Paste Electrode: A Voltammetric Study
Poly (naphthol green B) modified carbon paste electrode sensor for catechol and hydroquinone
Surface-Modified Magnetic Nanoscale Materials: Preparation and Study of Their Structure, Composition, and Properties
Novel determination of Cd and Zn in soil extract by sequential application of bismuth and gallium thin films at a modified screen-printed carbon electrode