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Important citations
Predictors of Metabolic Syndrome Among People Living with HIV in Gedeo-Zone, Southern-Ethiopia: A Case–Control Study
Determinants, Prevalence and Trend of Use of Medicinal Plants Among People Living with HIV: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Dschang, Cameroon
The extents of metabolic syndrome among Antiretroviral Therapy exposed and ART naïve adult HIV patients in the Gedeo-zone, Southern-Ethiopia: a comparative cross-sectional study
CD4/CD8 Ratio as a Predictor for the Occurrence of Metabolic Syndrome in HIV / AIDS Patients During 6 Months of cART Therapy
Isolation and identification of Enterobacteriaceae from traditional Serbian cheese and their physiological characteristics
Immune Activation, Inflammation, and Non-AIDS Co-Morbidities in HIV-Infected Patients under Long-Term ART
A Review on Computational Drug Designing.and Discovery
HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder with Micro RNA
Selected Immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG, IgM) and Lambda Free Light Chain Levels in Persons with HIV-Malaria Co-infection
Assessment of the effect of anti-retroviral therapy on haematological parameters in HIV positive individuals in Zaria
A Mother-to-Child Transmission Study in Nigeria: The Impact of Maternal HIV Infection and HAART on Plasma Immunoglobulins, Cytokine Profiles and Infant Outcome
WhatsApp: a supplementary tool for improving bed nets universal coverage campaign in Mozambique
Mycoses et antifongiques : quelle est la situation du Sénégal dans le contexte actuel ?Mycoses and antifungals: What is the situation in Senegal in the current context?
The evidence for unavailability of systemic antifungals in Senegal
Occurrence of cryptococcal antigenaemia among HIV- uninfected patients with stroke in Nigeria: a pilot case-control study
Epidemiology of Cryptococcus and cryptococcosis in Western Africa
Levels and trend of HIV prevalence among pregnant women in Tamil Nadu: Analysis of data from HIV sentinel surveillance
Levels and trend of HIV prevalence among pregnant women in Tamil Nadu: Analysis of data from HIV sentinel surveillance (2003–2019)
Has the prevalence of cigarette smoking among HIV-positive patients in Poland changed over the last decade?