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Important citations
Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) seed: A review on bioactives and biomedical activities
Prevalência do alto risco de complicações clínicas associadas ao óbito por Aids
Prevalence of clinical complications high risk associated with AIDS death
Energy Disturbances in Panic Syndrome and How Can We Treat it in Adolescence?
Energies Alterations and Chakras Energies Deficiencies as the Main Cause of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Resistant to Antibiotics Treatments
Energy Alterations and Chakras’ Energy Deficiencies in Dementia Patients
Why patients with knee pain still have symptoms despite the use of anti-inflammatory medications
How to Treat Low Back Pain in Pregnancy without Using any Anti-Inflammatory Medications
The importance of Chakras and Energy Imbalances Correction in the Prevention and Treatment of Gestational Diabetes
The importance of Chakras and Energy Imbalances Correction in the Prevention and Treatment of Gestational Diabetes
Is it Possible to Treat Nosocomial Cellulitis Post Placement of Hemodialysis Catheter without the Use of Antibiotics?
Chakras and energy alterations in patients with oligospermia
Treatment for Smoking Addiction without the Use of Any Medication
Is It Possible to Treat Giant Congenital Hairy Melanocytic Nevus Clinically?
The Importance of Treating Energy Imbalances and Chakras Replenishment for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
Is it Possible to Treat Community-Acquired and Nosocomial Infections with the Same Method, Without the Use of Antibiotics?
Evidence of Circulation of Several HAV Genetic Variants and Emergence of Potential Antigenic Variants in an Endemo-Epidemic Country before Vaccine Introduction
A systematic review of the health co-benefits of urban climate change adaptation
Nexus of non-communicable diseases and climate change on the migrant communities