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Vsevolod Telezhkin

Vsevolod Telezhkin
Lecturer in Physiology
School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University, , United Kingdom


For the last ten years, I have made major contributions to the field of ion channel biophysics and pharmacology in relation to neuronal and cardiovascular physiology and pathology. My background was in vascular physiology. I have explored the changes which occur in myometrium vasculature in late pregnancy (Prof George Osol laboratory, University of Vermont, USA, 2004-2005). I studied myo-endothelial interactions in systemic resistance vasculature (Dr Sergey Smirnov laboratory, University of Bath, 2006-2007). I investigated the effects of the gasotransmitters (NO, CO and H2S) and assessed their receptor sites on BKCa channels in recombinant systems and in the carotid body (Prof Paul J Kemp laboratory, Cardiff University, 2007-2009). I explored stoichiometry and kinetics of PI(4,5)P2 interaction with human Kv7.2/7.3 (M) channels and discovered ability of non-inositol phospholipids (NIPs) to stimulate opening of M-channel (Profs David A Brown (FRS) and Alasdair J Gibb laboratory, University College London, 2009-2012). I researched biophysical and physiological aspects of neurodegeneration in Huntington's Disease (Profs Nick D Allen and Paul J Kemp laboratory, Cardiff University, 2012-2016). I have an emerging reputation in the stem cell studies and developmental biology. In my studies I have particular attention to the mechanisms of neuronal differentiation in induced human pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived neurons. I am also interested in developing new effective approaches for dental and orofacial post traumatic pain management. Currently I am establishing an independent neuroscience laboratory at Newcastle University School of Dental Sciences. ?

Research Interest

I am interested in physiological aspects of neuronal differentiation, maturation, degeneration and pain. The aim of my research is to provide rational basis for the new therapeutic approaches for functional rescue of impaired neurons at chronic pain, neurodegeneration, inflammation and aging. In my research I concentrate on the mechanisms of prevention and relieve from pathological long term conditions and prolonging a period of healthy and active living.