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Young Research Forum - (2019) Volume 5, Issue 3

Young Research Forum on Heart Diseases and Heart Failure Congress

Said Moustafa M Eldeib

Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Department of Pediatrics, NMC Healthcare Group, Abu Dhabi, UAE, E-mail:

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Euro Heart Failure 2020 is an international cardiology conference and heart failure committee to discuss the future of cardiac health and cardiovascular diseases in terms of cooperation, processes and organizational growth as well as developments in cardio-metabolic health and cardiology.

Our annual conference "31st European Heart & Heart Failure Congress" serves as a forum for all researchers working in the field to develop new ideas to create a future in a modern cardiac environment with sustainable cardiovascular science and cardiology intervention. The Euro Heart Failure 2020 Conference presents multiple awards in recognition of excellent contributions to international studies. These awards have such competitions that include various committees’ nomination procedures and submission deadlines. The best Keynote Speaker Award, Outstanding Speaker Award, Best Organizing Committee Member Award, and Excellent Master's / PhD / Postdoc Thesis Research Award and Best Poster Award are acknowledged by them.

The Forum provides a discussion board, workshops to discover their ideas and enhance intimate interaction among speakers and delegates. Many Cardiologists, doctors, and scientists will be addressing the conference Articles will be published as symposia, plenary sessions, and posters, including the scientific and medical material prudently selected by the Review Committee. Wholly, as part of this international conference on Cardiology, Euro Heart Failure will provide you with a supportive and worthwhile experience.

The Young Researchers Forum (YRF) offers young researchers a forum in a supportive, open setting to present their work in Progress and finished findings to the group. Just like in the main event, in the form of talks, presentations will be given. A pre-screening (but no formal review process) should ensure adequate monitoring of quality.

The Young Researcher Awards are part of a global program to encourage early-career researchers to help young researchers in their efforts to progress scientific frontiers across a world range of disciplines. The Young Researcher Awards is established to honor outstanding young scientists and researchers around the world who have made substantial contributions to their research projects. The award is given to a scientific paper, written by a young scholar, who is regarded as the highest quality by a panel of judges. The winning author will be invited to the Conference to receive the award and present the article. The awarding paper can be listed in the Conference for publication.

Our conference will encourage young people to get these major updates and share their experiences with wellrecognized speakers around the world.

Researchers from academia or industry must nominate candidates for the Award and present their papers during the symposium. A scientific committee must pick and announce the winner during the symposium.


• A research paper on a topic of interest to the conference will be submitted by candidates. Please send Acceptable files: the file must include the title of the article, the author's full contact details and the article's full text abstract.

• Papers with a more than 500 words (references included) will not be considered.

• Photograph should be in-between 20-50 kb in size

• Size of abstracts should not exceed 1 MB

• Papers must be original, i.e. they must not be published elsewhere.

• Articles must be single-authored

• All submissions must be in English

• Authors must submit a letter to validate their student status or the date of completion of their Ph.D., signed by their college counsellor

• Size of letter should not exceed 1 MB

• Authors must follow the guidelines for publications

• Papers should be sent in electronic copy (Microsoft Word) to the Chair of the Award Committee

• The Young Researcher Award is open to anyone from anywhere in the world interested in Cardiology, Heart Diseases and Heart Failure research

• Relevant to at any one of Euro Heart Failure 2020's subjects in consideration

• Submissions will be rejected unless they are considered in relation to the conference's scope/area

• Every applicant is required to present his / her research work at the conference in a brief power point presentation (15-30 minutes)

• A 10-minute Q&A session / discussion can follow

• Canvassing in any manner would result in the paper/submission being rejected

• The members of the selection committee will declare the final winner

• When submitting the complete YRA article, all participants who plan to attend the conference independently of the results of the YRA must also submit their abstract through the conference's online submission program


• All winning authors ' names will be posted on the website of the Conference

• Certificate of appreciation and memento for the participants of the Young Scientist Prize

• Our conferences, through oral presentations, provide the best platform for your work

• Make career enhancements by communicating with all the latest technologies

• This Forum will provide young scientists with appropriate and timely knowledge

• Association forum for superior development of young researchers

• Provide a forum in the field for scientific collaboration and reputable senior researchers worldwide

• Share ideas with leading researchers as well as mentors

• To order to raise their research skills, it is a great honor for young researchers to learn about the research areas

• The incentive for young researchers to learn about their peers ' research areas to improve their capacity as multidisciplinary researchers

• Distribute information effectively and encourage the benefits in aspects of education and career


• Young scholars, post-graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, trainees, junior staff with a background of minimal research

• The exhibition has to be in the conference's research sessions

• The applicant must have completed his / her PhD in Open Access Journals with at least one publication

• The Participants upper age limit for the competition is 35 years

• The submitted papers will be checked for authenticity. Plagiarism will result in the award being cancelled

• A duly constituted committee will make the final assortment for the awards, and the awards will be given

• The awards are given to the Young Scientists for their exceptional contributions to the work done

Appropriate candidates may also be recommended by scientific societies of national/international standing, university faculties, postgraduate departments or research institutions.