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Editorial Panel

Vijay Kumar Siripuram,
Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, The Rockefeller University, New York, NY, USA

JAYENDRAKUMAR D. PATEL, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Pyrrhic Pharma Private Limited, India

Dr. Srikanth Boinapally, Researcher The Johns Hopkins University, USA

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About the Journal

Research in Pharmaceutical sciences has become multidisciplinary in nature and yielding a great benefit to the medical community and the society. The subject at present consists of numerous subjects in which Drug Delivery claims higher significance. Drug Delivery approaches have become multidisciplinary in nature and encompass a number of disciplines and sub disciplines within the broader scope of the topic. Various important topics including dosage forms, controlled release, drug absorption, ADMET, bioavailability, Nano medicine, Gene based delivery and therapy, drug designing and delivery, long term and short term impact of specific delivery issues, associated disease scenario, relation of drug delivery and diseases etc.

American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery (ISSN: 2321-547X) is an Open Access peer reviewed journal published the first issue in 2013. This journal follows a strictly peer review process to maintain the standard of the articles.

The Journal is having wide indexing in: NLM ID: 101731920; Google Scholar, ICMJE, SHEPRA/ROMEO, Genamics, International Society of Universal Research in Sciences,, Pak Directory of Open Access Journals, Research Bible, Scientific Journal Impact Factor, Open Academic Journal Index, Jour Informatics, Index Copernicus, Cite SeerX, Gold Rush and Global Impact Factor.

The present Global Impact and Quality Factor of American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery is 0.786.

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Major Topics covered include:

  • All delivery systems and modes of entry
  • Controlled-release systems
  • Sustain release systems
  • Microcapsules/microparticles
  • Liposomes
  • Vesicles and macromolecular conjugates
  • Antibody targeting
  • Protein/peptide delivery
  • Drug Targeting
  • Process design, optimization of drug delivery system
  • Materials science
  • Controlled-release/ Sustain release systems
  • Nanopharmaceuticals
  • Nanocrystals
  • Inorganic, lipid and polymeric nanocarriers, liposomes and nanoemulsions
  • Design of nanocarriers for theranostics and tissue engineering applications
  • Tools used for characterization of pharmaceutical nanocarriers and processes
  • Nanotechnology tools used in drug discovery and development
  • Nanosolubilization techniques, transport processes across various drug delivery barriers
  • Cellular transport
  • Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics of nanomaterials and drug delivery systems
  • Molecular design of polymeric-drug conjugates, prodrugs
  • Nanoscale fabrication of drug delivery devices
  • Optimization, scale-up and manufacturing aspects of pharmaceutical nanotechnology
  • In-vitro and In-vivo characterization of pharmaceutical nanocarriers, nanodevices
  • Safety and biocompatibility of nanocarriers and drug delivery systems
  • Regulatory aspects and policies related to development, evaluation and control of nanopharmaceuticals


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