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Obtaining green diesel from thermocatalytic pyrolysis of sunflower oil using mesoporous catalyst

Kholmurad Khasanov

American scientist D. Fisher [1] paid attention to the "point of infinite compression, a special “singular” point. Mathematically, it corresponds to a function having an explosive derivative. Professor of the University of Munich R. Kippenhan [2] in his work noted that "from the surface of the star quantum electromagnetic radiation rushes into interstellar space." reaching our atmosphere creates converging spherical waves leading to an infinite point of compression, having an explosive character. Our studies have shown that these electromagnetic waves are to a large extent the ultraviolet radiation of the near range of 400-300nm. The near ultraviolet range is often called “black light,” since the human eyes do not recognize it. Black light when colliding with the atmosphere continuum forms converging spherical supercompression waves. These waves when they reach the atmosphere of the earth create an explosive field. Our dynamic emitter of the original design generates spherical converging shock waves in a supersonic jet, leading to the point of infinite compression "special point" having an explosive derivative. The jet, interacting with the atmospheric background ultraviolet radiation, entering into the resonance mode generates a powerful explosion of black light (Figure 1) [3], the energy of which provides the synthesis of porous nanomaterial. The principle of operation of the emitter in practice has shown that the energy of a powerful explosion of black light in the laboratory and in production is a safe, costeffective source of energy. Reference: 1David E. Fisher. The Birth of the Earth. Columbia University Press. N.Y. P.10. 127, 131. 2. R.Kippenhahn. Hundred Milliard Sun. Birth, Life and Death of Stars. Moscow, “Mir”. 1990. P.73. 3. Kh. Khasanov, 2019. The Phenomenon of the Powerful Explosion of the Light. 7-th International Conference on Modern Trends in Physics Research. 20-24 April (2019) at Cairo University. Biography:Kholmurad Khasanov has been working as a prime investigator in the physics area for almost 40 years, and achieved one of his most iconic discoveries in 2011, when He designed and started experimenting with his dynamic emitter. He has published about 100 papers in reputed journals. He has collaborated with several international organizations including NASA and "The Smithsonian"; my works can be found in the "Astrophysics Data System" under the Fluid Dynamics section.