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How Does U.S Governmental Policy Impact Opioid Treatment?

Clairmont Griffith and Bernice La France

The purpose of this research article is to examine how the U.S government policy impacts opioid treatment. To understand this, the paper presents a review of the existing literature. Millions of Americans are affected by the opioid crisis, and this leads to the death of more than 35,000 Americans on an annual basis (The President’s Commission 2017). The management of the opioid crisis is a major challenge to the U.S government and the department of health. The findings reveal that the government has established several policies to boost the fight against opioids in the country. The government has implemented the use of evidence-based prescription to reduce the misuse and abuse of opioids. The government has also established a recovery support system that has enabled care providers to rehabilitate opioid addicts through medication and behavioural therapies. Therefore, the federal government policies have positively influenced opioid treatment in the US. The policy on adherence to the evidence-based practice of prescribing opioids has a positive impact on the treatment of opioids since it prevents the misuse that leads to overdose and deaths associated with opioids. The policy on increasing the availability of overdose-reversing medication helps in treating individuals who are at risk of overdose from opioids abuse. This effort has been enhanced by another policy, the establishment of recovery support services. The support services have enabled care providers to help opioids addicts to navigate their stages of addiction and attain long-term recoveries successfully. Finally, the federal government’s funding of opioid programs also provides relevant resources to enhance the treatment of opioids.