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Epigenetics and the Latest Science of Thriving in Autism How the everybody√ʬ?¬?s Expectations Directly Affects a Child with Autistic Ability to Thrive

Kandaswamy R

Kandaswamy R India
Extended Abstract
What is epigenetics in practical terms, especially with respect to autism? The term Epigenetics means “control above genes”. This means that genes are not destiny. Therefore, genetic diseases and disorders are not necessarily “incurable” anymore because, by applying epigenetic tools, such as environmental changes [1-3], lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, stress reduction techniques, energy medicine based techniques, and now, shifting in the direction of a positive expectation of an outcome after aligning one’s energies to match that expectation, one can gain freedom from the limiting symptoms of the “genetic” condition. Not only that, this evolutionary advantage can then be passed onto future generations too. Genes can be switched “on” or “off” with these Epigenetic tools and the possibilities are endless. In order to understand the relevance of this in Autism, let's begin with the Human Genome Project that set out to map the entire genetic makeup of Human Beings with the premise that once the all the genes encoding the proteins would be discovered one gene would be ascribed for each protein. What the scientists were hoping for was to be able to use this discovery, namely the gene map, to correct and treat any and all diseases and disorders. The unexpected outcome of this project was that it was found that the DNA coding for proteins were only around 3 % and the rest of it 97% was actually "junk" DNA. It’s Meaning, DNA that did not seemingly code for any protein, and therefore, of no particular "use" for humans [4].
The human Genome Project was thus abandoned as a "failure". The unanswered question here is WHY would nature and evolution considers it Vital to have the presence of these “junk” DNA that constitutes the MAJOR part of the DNA in human being. Wouldn’t it be more scientific to actually explore the importance of this “junk” DNA instead of dismissing them as “useless”? What if the “junk” DNA held epigenetic Potential of freedom from diseases and hereditary conditions? What if this “junk” DNA is connected to and is directly impacted by dark matter and dark energy? And what if the Blueprint of the future evolution of Mankind on this planet lies in this “junk” DNA? The implications of this discovery is of particular significance in Autism as many scientists are still on the trail of discovering all the genes supposedly "associated" with causing autism, and these genes run into the thousands and rising by the day. This is being done under the “Autism Genome Project”. This has led to a situation where these scientists are caught up in the “autism genetic discovery quagmire” that is keeping them going round in circles still trying to understand the "problem" of autism, rather than investigating the Solution in autism that is already showing results on the ground. And this Solution that is already working in autism resulting in the complete recovery of children with autism from all their limiting symptoms is based on the principles of Applied Intentional Epigenetics in particular and Applied Energy Medicine. For the published evidence of these successfully healed cases and for the further understanding of the application of these cutting-edge sciences in healing the limiting symptoms in autism, one can peruse all the articles given under the reference section at the end of this article.
The epigenetics of “thought pools and thought streams” and the power of holding expectations
The understanding of morphic resonance and the 100th monkey principle has shown how genes do not play a major role in many of the diseases or disorders, as previously thought [5]. That brings us to the question-If it is not the genes, then what is it that is continuing to result in more and more diseases and disorders being discovered as humans continue to become more and more technologically advanced? The answer is-it is the habitual tuning-in to “thought pools and thought streams” due to Conditioning and the resultant expectations that set up the field for a person to manifest any of these conditions in one’s own life experience. Let’s understand this further. There are these habits of thought patterns and "thought pools and streams" that one is always downloading from. This “thought pool and stream” has been in existence since centuries and is growing with more and more thoughts being added to the stream with the thinking process in each human being contributing to this as well [6]. Autistic children are particularly tuned-in to these “Thought Pools and Thought Streams” as they are highly Energy Sensitive and invariably with poor “Energy Boundaries” [7]. To understand these terms and the mechanism in greater detail it is recommended to read through the articles under the ‘Reference” section below. Not only this, the same mechanism operates when they are downloading information and " energy patterns in the form of thoughts “