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Bioethanol production from weed plant (Cyperus rotundus) by enzymatic hydrolysis

Nitesh Kumar, Jai Prakash Singh, Ravi Ranjan, Subathra Devi C. and Mohana Srinivasan V.

Bioethanol is considered to be an alternative of non renewable fuel sources like diesel and petrol. Nowadays in many countries, Bioethanol is blended with gasoline in fixed proportion and then used as fuel. Bioethanol is produced by fermentation of carbohydrate. In this investigation, Cyperous rotundus (weed plant) which contains around 20 to 22% of carbohydrate is used for production of bioethanol. To produce bioethanol, submerged fermentation of weed plant was carried out by Aspergillus niger and saccharomyces cereviceae, Aspergillus niger produced cellulase enzyme which converted cellulose into monomeric carbohydrate unit, subsequently Saccharomyces cereviceae was inoculated for conversion of monomeric carbohydrate into ethanol. Hydrolyzed sugar from biomass was estimated by DNSA method. Total 22 % of biomass was converted into simple monomeric carbohydrate. Amount of ethanol produced from biomass is estimated by potassium dichromate method, it was found to be that 40 % of simple monomeric carbohydrate was converted into bioethanol