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RNA Biomarkers

A biomarker refers to a measurable indicator of some biological state or condition and can exist in the form of DNA, RNA, protein or other molecules. With the advent of transcriptomic technologies such as microarrays and next-gen RNA sequencing, RNA biomarkers have grown exponentially and hold great promise for a wide range of research and clinical applications. At ACD, we offer researchers a reliable platform for in situ RNA biomarker analysis using a wide range of sample types including routine formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue.

RNA expression reflects the state of a biological system. RNA expression levels are highly dynamic and integrate both genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation. Therefore, RNAs serve as an effective “phenotype” of the functional state of the cell.

Measuring RNA biomarkers as RNA provides the most direct route for biomarker validation and assay development. Most biomarkers discovered today are RNA from transcriptomic studies. One significant bottleneck in advancing RNA biomarker discoveries to the clinic has been the lack of standardized and robust technologies for measuring RNA biomarkers in situ in clinical specimens. Translating RNA biomarkers into protein biomarkers for in situ analysis faces a host of issues such as poor correlation between RNA and Protein, antibody quality or availability, significant time and resource requirement of new antibody development and validation, or simply lack of protein counterparts in the case of noncoding RNAs. ACD’s RNA scope assay technology overcomes these pitfalls and provides a direct path from discovery to clinical assays by maintaining the biomarkers at the RNA level.