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Important citations
Does nonviolent communication education improve empathy in French medical students?
Measuring Patient Trust in Public versus Private Physicians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Behavior of Pharmacists and Satisfaction of Patients in Coronavirus Disease-19 Pandemic
Improvement of patient satisfaction by root cause analysis in health care services for urban slum community in North India
Risk, trust and patients' strategic choices of healthcare practitioners
Is Communication A Receipt For Doctors? The Relationship Between Communication Competence And Trust: A Research On Breast Patients
What is a prevention visit? A qualitative study of a structured approach to prevention and screening – the BETTER WISE project
Racial Disparities at the End of Life
“Old friend and powerful cadre”: Doctor-patient relationships and multi-dimensional therapeutic landscapes in China's primary hospitals
Application of Fuzzy Method to Predict Patient's Belief in Doctor Qualifications
Analysis of General Practitioners’ Attitudes and Beliefs about Psychological Intervention and the Medicine-Psychology Relationship in Primary Care: Toward a New Comprehensive Approach to Primary Health Care
Doctor-patient interactions with respect to type of practice
HIV/AIDS and Substance Use among Older Adults
A conceptual review on the mediating effect of patient satisfaction towards patient loyalty in the dental practice in Thailand
Misunderstandings in ART Triadic Interactions: A Qualitative Comparison of First and Follow-Up Visits
The Act of Listening Well: Improving Communication Skills through Bibliotherapy
Effects of Different Transitional Care Strategies on Outcomes after Hospital Discharge—Trust Matters, Too
Patient Relationship Management and its Role in Health Care Industry
The Difference in Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening between Men and Women in the 45–55-Year Age Group
Shared-decision-making Behavior in Hospitalized Patients: Investigating the Impact of Patient's Trust in Physicians, Emotional Support, Informational Support, and Tendency to Excuse Using a Structural Equation Modeling Approach