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Short Communication - (2022) Volume 8, Issue 6

Technologies for Monitoring HIV Drug Resistance and Cure
Christophe Redon*
Department of Medicine, University of California, USA
*Correspondence: Christophe Redon, Department of Medicine, University of California, USA, Email:

Received: 01-Nov-2022, Manuscript No. IPJHRV-22-15114; Editor assigned: 03-Nov-2022, Pre QC No. IPJHRV-22-15114 (PQ); Reviewed: 17-Nov-2022, QC No. IPJHRV-22-15114; Revised: 23-Nov-2022, Manuscript No. IPJHRV-22-15114 (R); Published: 29-Nov-2022, DOI: 10.21767/IPJHRV-8.6.26


HIV represents Human Immunodeficiency Infection. The infection reasons Helps. HIV isn’t generally similar to various infections and outstanding from various, the thought process is it attacks the invulnerable gadget. HIV finds and obliterates a state of white blood mobileular, Lymphocytes or CD4 cells, which the insusceptible gadget should have to battle sicknesses. Helps represents AIDS and its miles the absolute last segment of HIV pollution.


Potentially, it can require a couple of years to somebody get ex- cited from this infection known as HIV to get at this stage. With the difficulty of Helps alludes to that the infection has broken the invulnerable gadget to the variable at which the human edge struggles with fighting with contaminations. At the point when a couple of individual has one or numerous extraordi- nary diseases, specific malignant growths or an absolutely low amount of Immune system microorganisms, the individual is appeared to be as an impacted individual of AIDS. HIV trans- mission can take locale while blood, semen, pre-fundamental liquid, vaginal liquid or bosom milk from an excited individual comes into the edge of an uninfected individual. HIV can come withinside the casing at some stage in a vein, the liner of the rear-end or rectum, the liner of the vagina, the opening to the penis, the mouth, the eyes, the nose, or cuts and slices. The most extreme standard methodologies that HIV is sent from one individual to each and every other individual is be engag- ing in sexual relations (butt-centric, vaginal or oral) with a HIV aroused individual, or through imparting a kindled needles to a HIV, or from assuming mother is excited from HIV, than the youngster furthermore gets aggravated sooner or later of starting or by means of breastfeeding subsequent to starting. HIV likewise can be given on through receipt of aroused blood. However, from the year 1985, all gave blood withinside the US should be inspected for HIV. In this way, the probabilities of defilement at some stage in bonding of blood or product related with blood are phenomenally wicked good. Some medical care representatives have end up being excited in the wake of being gotten with needles containing HIV-kindled blood or while kin- dled blood comes in contact with a specialist’s open decrease or is sprinkled solidly into a labourer’s eyes or inside their nose. There has been best one illustration of an impacted individual being excited through a HIV-kindled dental specialist to his impacted individual. HIV attacks the invulnerable gadget. The invulnerable gadget is a bunch of cells and organs that protect your edge through fighting disorder. The human safe gadget generally uncovers and kills infections before long. Notwith- standing, excellent infections attack remarkable components of the casing. HIV attacks an extraordinary type of insusceptible gadget mobileular called a CD4 lymphocyte. HIV has numerous strategies for dodging the edge’s protections comprising of the cap potential to change hurriedly [1-5].


This way that after HIV has grabbed hold, the insusceptible gadget can in no way, shape or form totally get rid of it. In the circumstance, on the off chance that left isn’t generally treated, then HIV will in the end debilitate the resistant gadget to the amount that a man transforms into unwell with extraordinary sorts of contaminations, called sharp diseases. Helps charac- terizing contamination are thought about to be as greatest out- rageous crafty diseases.



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Citation: Redon C (2022) Technologies for Monitoring HIV Drug Resistance and Cure. J HIV Retrovirus. 8:26.

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