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Awards 2020 - (2019) Volume 3, Issue 2

Heart 2020 | Awards

Dr Sergey Suchkov

Director, Center for Personalized Medicine and Professor, Department of Pathology, Sechenov University, University in Moscow, Russia, E-mail:

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Expert level

The expert level awards honour outstanding performances of the professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Cardiologist, Pharmacist who are trusted, respected and most experienced personality in the life science field. Speaker sharing a strong topic of the presentation and give a marvellous speech by sharing it in front of the audience in a pleasant way. Expert as the name suggests he/she should be an expert in the medical field by having more than 25+ years of experience, have done excellent research work and should be working also as a Director, Dean, Chairman, CEO of a Reputed University/Company.

Professional Level

The Professional level award is dedicated to the Professor, Associates, Assistant professor, lecturers, who are in the field of teaching, offering knowledge to the students and working in the cardiovascular research field. The educators having more than 10+ years ’ experience and have given their lives to educating in the cardiovascular field and give a marvellous presentation in the conference will be awarded to the Professional Award.

Scholar Level

The award represents the upcoming scientist which will include the participant who will present their speech in Student Category. The students working on their research, have done their PhD from a reputed University, working as an Intern in the hospitals with the experience of 1 year, Young research forum, Graduate students, students pursuing their masters and researchers studying and working in Cardiovascular field. Presenting their research work in an effective manner. The best of among them will be honoured by the Scholar Award.

Women Scientist

This award inspires the role model or the future generations of Women in Life sciences. The women working as a lecturer, Professor, Doctor, Scientist, Physician, Surgeon, Chairman, CEO, and Director in any Organisation of the medical field represents this award category. This Award is specifically dedicated to the women who are a symbol of independence, motivating other women ’ s as well as men by giving their outstanding performances. All the women attending the conference will give their speech, the best of them nominated for the award and the phenomenal presentation will be awarded by Women Scientist Award.

Outstanding Thesis

This award falls in the category where the Speakers, Students, Keynote Speakers, Business Associates will publish their full paper article in the Conference proceedings. The organizing committee will review the Article and nominate the selected articles from all of them. The article which will provide an important critical perception that presents something new to the life science field, the conclusion is well supported and expertly argued the paper reads well and will engage the audience will be awarded by outstanding thesis award.

Best Poster Presentation

A poster including the use of sketches, figures and images to attract the audience from the distance. So they will come closer and begin reading it and will provide the necessary information so the audience will understand what the poster is about. The participant presenting their performance in the Poster form they will be nominated and the best of them will be honoured by this award. Students, PhD students, researchers, Assistant professors, lecturers from cardiovascular field or heart surgery can nominate their name for the Best poster award. The organizing committee and the Chair-co chair will judge the poster presentation segment and provide the award to the finest one.

Best Keynote Speaker

The Best Keynote Speaker award will present the candidate who will have the number of experience in attending the conference of this field. Keynote speaker will have the ability to preoccupy their audience with their pleasing and wonderful speaking, supporting the audience to think in a different way, educating and inspiring, They should be affiliated from the respected universities and have high affiliation with 20+ years of experience in life science.

Outstanding Speaker

An Outstanding Speaker award distinguished the finest Speaker presenting their speech in a spectacular way, explaining their topic; engage the audience by their affective and confident voice. Expressing the simple things in a creative way and their content should be unique. The most effective speeches during the conference will be nominated for the award. Having an experience of 7+years in the Medical field.