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Research Article - (2012) Volume 2, Issue 5

Investigate relations between mental health and happiness feel in Tehran youth people

Kambiz Kamkary1 and Shohreh Shokrzadeh2

1Department of Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children, Islamshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Islamshahr, Iran

2Department of Psychology and Education of Exceptional Children, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

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In this study relations between mental health and happiness in Tehran youth people were investigated based on main question follows: Does it exist a significant relation between mental health and happiness behaviors in youth of Tehran city populations? As follows the aim of this study was to predict happiness made related of mental health. It was a descriptive (Survey) research. The population of research involved all Tehran youth people, and we collect one thousand informs of selected youth people, used random Stratify sampling, from five geographical parts (North, East, South and West), which each parts had about two hundreds information samples and also 15 – 29 years olds youths contacts with happiness and MMPI-2RF (Multiphastic minessota) questionnaires. We continued collecting of study majority informations by (MMpI–2Rf) questionnaires and happiness researchers made questionnaires on 19 till 29 years old Tehran youth. In used with regression statistical model and analysis of study collected informs, it appeared that potentially predict of happiness in related to mental health is possible and has a positive significant level (α=0.01) between two investigated parameters that shows an increase and decrease of mental health which cause increase and decrease of happiness of youth, respectively.


Mental health, Happiness, Youth people


There are some different constructs in psychology science that are still in vagueness and need a variety of descriptive studies to research theme. One of considerate issues in this science that consist of many theories is “Happiness issue”. It includes a much of opinions and theories and has an importance research level in psychology studies territory. However, happiness that has introduce newly issue in psychology but is ancient–describe in philosophy. Make appearance of happiness subjects in psychology science that can call it as happiness psychology, that is not referred to an individual activities, so maybe transitions of politic–social and the most importance object, the economic transitions, are causes confession of this new psychology science specific part. In accordance to 21 century transitions and in case of depth problems that are leakage to human souls what are inviting to selfforeignness, psychologist have mooted a deeply necessity feel to change the humanity circle life and they are believe that lack of upsetting and psycho–problems cannot be the human final destiny [](Saatchi,2006). How about peoples suffered from chronic stress that made them feeble and how about populations who depression has penetrated in their emotional and behaviors objects. This peoples who involved a spread part of human kinds, they don’t need to clinical psychologist or psychological consulters helps to solve their psycho–problems or cure their psychological disorders; so perchance they are who have no psychological problems but also can’t perform a fresh life, enjoy their relationship, use God favors, and make life cycle line to happiness type. This population of humans that describe as neutral people and who be experienced of psycho–problems, it needs to psychological helps to catch opportune motivation to life in their inside for live with positive excited energies [14]. Happiness psychology from of side, points to make neutral people in way of maturity and be strongness and in other side insistence to build limitations and make blocks in front of probably problems. Happiness psychologists believe that follows of happiness increase, a well suitable base can be collected against psycho – problems. However, happiness psychologist has been developed to make against of clinical psychology issues usages to decipherment from this method some actions such as decrease of depression, stress, aggressive behaviors, and psycho–pressures levels to stop psycho–discords aggravation and reduce of this kind of disorders, if it possible. Martin Sligman, introduced as one of progressives of happiness psychology believes that psychological point views to education systems, systematic–industrial, military, athletics, socialistic, characterize and other applied issues, should be modify and create a positive about human. In other word, new positive psychology field that has been created by Sligman in Pennsylvania university, do some activities in around of human positive philosophy [7].

Today governments call youth population as active socials human potential line and make some programming in about this line to raise their abilities to guaranty their future countries. Happiness psychologist specialists help it people after describe and youth happiness checkpoints, by use regular researches that involved by suitable methodology instructors, step to firm levels and investigate influence actions need to be happiness. In strategic programming for youth generation, be focus to extending happiness–easier agents and destroy agents of happiness– reducer that is the strategic programming create way. The positive psychology, is a main word that involves all studies in positive exciting zone, specific positive characterizes and raise happiness parameters. Researches in positive psychology zone, act as a supplementary to help humans to produce acknowledgement about of how they suffer from psycho – problems and then specific this condition, be clear happiness encourage parameters and make a step to use them. This studies tendency to more comprehensive and more perfect experience collections from humans, it means characterize experiences that cause of hopeless, sadness, and disease suffering; and by using of a variety psychological interferences, create immunization and happiness raise [3]. Brickman & Campbell (1971), says, positive and negative outdoor around influences created has a temporary effect and eventually people conform to them and will be like neutral positions. They after supporting a few effects of gladly objects on permanent happiness. Headey & Wearing (1992), with mixing adapting procedure and personal characterizes described that events and environmental conditions affect on happiness, but personal characterizes are predominate in long term. Diener (2000), by insistence on personal characterize in happiness condition and previously studies supporting, describe that the balance point of every happiness will change in long term as follows by long term environmental variety atmospheres; means that is not a totally stable point and as follows of environmental conditions can be change. Additionally mental health, has been investigated by many different methods and include levels. In according of a previous study, it has been clearance that more than of half people who refer to physicians, actually are suffered from mentally and emotionally disorders. It describe whenever in according to formal statistic results, more than 75 percent of Iranian population are suffered from any kind problems and soul and\or psychological disorders in ranges of much variable intensity. Studies results prove that body immune system in happiness-up people is more than interesting in compare to people with less than happiness. Although this study is a new one but older studies shows a same results too .In example, Segrastrom and others show that optimistic people because of their well behavior, has better immune system earning also, other researchers prove that positive behaviors with better produce of immune system has a direct relation and because of the most important part of happiness is positive good behaviors, so its scene that happiness and funny behaviors have direct connection to immunity system of human bodies [2] . In other word, although happiness is not exactly condition that include mental health and lack of depression but with pay attention to unhappiness and dissatisfaction and in progressive conditions, depression and missed up of mental health, it’s clear that investigated and clarify of depression causes and try to prevent of them, can be useful in make and raise of life satisfy which is one of the most important effective component of happiness.

As it, mental health feel known as an applied character of the mental psychology what has a particular center. For definition mental health two main approach are interest. At first approach, health looks as lack of diseases and impairs. In this condition, actual health means prevention from diseases and disorders; so if someone doesn’t experience of mental or physical problems, he is a healthy person one and in accordance of it, he is an on way one. At second condition approach that has been common after publicize of W.H.O instructions, is focusing on well living and quality of positive live. In this view, health is a positive context and in addition with no experiment of negative around or diseases, it provides an insistence to peaceful living and also other parameters of social extended, political and economical conditions. This view is health psychology supposed. In W.H.O instructions, health is perfect condition of tranquility and happy living, social and mentally in life and it doesn’t support just lack of impairs or diseases as health condition [6]. In comparing two recent views with together, can say that, healthy human index differ from unhealthy one, is very clear and simply can be identify in follows of be in suffer from or lack of diseases. But in other side by a different view, it takes a look to negative and positive sides. In this view, healthy people same as first view point don’t suffer from physical and mental diseases and also in addition to it, also have a positive quality and happy life, mentally and a suitable social level [4]. Benyard study on this recent view as an idealist view point and follows of many researcher introduce that the gain in accordance to W.H.O instructions is not easy to be possible. He did criticism the health describe based on totally peace and restful life, social and mental condition levels and call it as a very hard goal to be reach. He believes that social, political and economical objects in none industrial countries, make a cover on health conditions and can mark a big bunch of this people as unhealthy ones, because these people life is not perfect whole in every sides and in their life doesn’t involved positive quality and suitable live conditions [6]. Although many studies around the connection between mental health and happiness has been done but yet can’t predict happiness from mental health view point correctly. In this study, main problem source introduced as lack of view and knowledge about happiness. In according that many variable issues are effective in happiness, should try to find this kind of parameters; and by using the beneficial applied activities, make an suitable base for extending the happiness in human socials. The extending of causes has started from characterization and psychologically identifying. To aim this goal should try more in investigate and classification of positive exciting for characterize all different sides and catch a whole knowledge about effects of this sides on happiness levels. Although there is some ambiguities to characterize different effects of positive excitants such as ambiguities in about investigate of existence happiness–level in youth people that can make change to most important parameter what must interest well.

By refer to happiness views can say that in point of some views without count the scientific views, happiness can be find in religious phases and different popular books, however, in some views just pay attention to positive emotional experimental effects. These kinds of view have a top level of priority and introduce as “Creature extenders views”. Creature extenders views, interests to the role of positive excitants extends on mind recording of people and knows this kind of experiments as the main object of happiness (Argyle,2004) []. Whenever in negative social counting, the level of people happiness just only identify by comparing the every individual with other else; and if the personal abilities of someone just compare by people who they have the less than abilities, the satisfactory level of him will raise and it turns to the happiness [15]. Today, particular useable traces in positive excitants and effects of them on mental health raise and happiness has been considerate that is interest to different side effects of it excitants. In one of traces, positive excitants divided in three branches as follow: positive excitants in related to past, future and now, respectively; that each one has different kinds of effect on happiness level. Sligman (2000) believes that replacement of positive excitants with negative excitants will raise the happiness level. In happiness trace zone, can point to Bradbern view that insist to emotional balance in happiness and pretension on whenever people be in balance emotionally and when they be able grew the emotional– stability, they feel happiness and prepare an happiness hatch, open to them [5]. By refer to happiness study history, can describe that in some conditions, exist of positive excitants and then emotional balance known as most importance causes of happiness [8]. Roysomb & Harris (2005), in an extra analytic shows that connection between happiness and mental health is 0.32; it can be increase when use of mental health scales. Mental health is a part of life satisfy and it is the importance issue of satisfy individually. It should be take note that physical health doesn’t mean mental health; for example many psycho–suffer–disorders make an exaggeration about their physically disease; but a person suffered from hypertension if imaging the problem more lighter than actual, he will mentally experiment the disease so easier and feel well better. In Okon and partners study, it was clarified that between happiness and suffering from rarely diseases, a negative relation is exist, especially when the disease cause some physically routine activities; it significantly turns happiness so down. There are some kinds of diseases that people who suffered from them feels better than. What is the cause of this feeling variety? Headey & Wearing (2003) in length of a study in Australia show that relations between main satisfy and mental health satisfy–made, also is connected to the other environmental parameters but also the physically heath can prove and clearance the individually satisfy–level. Headey & Wearing also study on relations between themselves and their relation to Neuroticism and then consequence that happy people really suffer from Neuroticism and Neuroticism have a less satisfy about themselves. Also, Shihan and Skomb (2001), show, in the length of a study, the recent described is a both side objection. In about elderly people life, the mental health is an important issue and is a potentially object to predict the happiness or satisfy. In according to these procedures, it looks that the mental health is really one of the happiness main causes. The happiness effect on mental health is connected to some parameters such as looking quality to life and also stranger belief about himself. That procedure that follows that happiness can be effective on life and gladly behavior what can be refresh the immunity system are one of very variable creatures that are affected by environmental issues.

Kamen and Sigel (2004), on a descriptive study show that happiness level among people with upper believes about themselves is more than people with poor beliefs. In other words, people with realist self- belief that could make a balance between their abilities and their expects, feel happiness more; whenever extra optimistic or extra pessimistic persons, feel happiness poor. In Ostir et al. (2006), study, the relations between self-assessment and mentally health is stronger than physically health, classified by physicians, followed by happiness. If someone be suffer Neuroticism, the relations between classified himself assessment and his mentally health, is poor; it’s because of that the neurotic people are unhappy they think are in physically health perfectly or they have a least pain threshold, also show weakness signs, and are ready to make decision to be sick whenever glad people pain threshold is upper than and also they assessment better their weakness and physically health condition levels. In some studies it has been clear that a relation between mentally health and real physically health is exist and it takes less effects from environmental parameters such as social and economical condition [13]. Positive connections between happiness and mentally health, maybe can explain the long- years life of gladly people. Easterlin in a study found that good behaviors can advancement the body systems and bad behaviors results are harm and make weak these systems and also make poor psychologically abilities. However, there is not exist an experimental applied explain that is able to make a support condition and also prepare a good standing pattern for happiness raise; and still there is a deeply lack about backgrounds of happiness and clear informs about how happiness happened; also, investigate the effects of happiness in life satisfy and happy feels is still hard. Happiness feeling has emotional effects and also knowledge parameters with together and people with highly happiness feeling mainly experiment the positive excitants and have a positive assessment of their environmental events, whenever people with less happiness feeling assessment their events badly and mainly their feeling involves some conditions such as stress , depression and angry feeling [15]. That sound necessary to research on connection between happiness and mentally health to be able produce a well-known pattern about happiness; because the positive and happy excitant experiments is able to reduce the negative and unhappy contacts. In other means, if someone spend more times on positive excitant, he will be able reduce negative excitants time belongs. In other side should be alert to these facts that negative and positive excitants don’t have two polarity condition what raises and falls of each one cause raise and fall the other else, respectively. It means, happiness feeling doesn’t appearing by feel raise of positive excitants and lack of negative excitants and none existence of negative feels doesn’t mean positive ones exist that however, positive existence need some requirements and other substance what main essential is mentally health.

In follow of this point view, study on connection between mentally health and happiness, can be create a modern and new outlook in mental health zone and prevent of psychological abilities of peoples; This study results can be prepare suitable guides for consulters to help in increase youth population happiness feels for making a good beneficial life quality for them. So, for cover this idea, the main question of this study was prepared as follows: Is there a significant relationship between psychologically health and happiness feeling in youth people of Tehran city?

Materials and Methods

The pattern of this recent study is Survey descriptive. The population of research involved all Tehran youth people, and we collect one thousand informs of selected youth people, used random Stratify sampling, from five geographical parts (North, East, South and West), which each parts had about two hundreds information samples and also 15 – 29 years olds youths contacts with happiness and MMPI-2RF questionnaires. That’s necessary to say that factor Validity and construct validity questionnaires by using of confirmative factor analyses (to proof MMPI – 2RF questionnaires) and explorative factor analyses (to proof happiness feel questionnaires), content validity by using 10 psychotherapists and psychologists, specialist in positive psychology and face validity and formal validity extracted ant then reliability coefficient of questionnaires by using Cronbach alpha method, split halph with spearman–brown protocol and computed Test-Retest, all indices results were over than 0.89. At last, after computing the central tendency index (mod, median and mean), and distribution indexes (standard error of mean, skewness coefficient and kurtosis coefficient) for characterizing normality of the distributions research indexes by using of multivariate regression statistical models, in cooperate with same–time to enter, the data was analyzed.


According to table 1, there is poor different between mod, median and mean and amounts of skewness coefficient and kurtosis coefficient is less than 1. Because, distribution of happiness and mentally health parameters, was normal and can use “mean” as the most clearance factor of central tendency index in parametric statistical zone.

By interesting on F index, it can be provided that a significant relation exists between pairs of mentally health and happiness and its parameters (prevention from negative excitants, positive excitants and life satisfy) which are in level α= 0.01. In other words, it is possible to predict happiness and its related issues from mentally health condition levels; However, it is necessary to characterize and clearance the regression indexes.

According to regression indexes results, there is a negative significant relation between mind bad belief, relationship, hurt intention and experimental errors with happiness feeling that shows by raising of this specific mentally health indexes, happiness will be turn to fall, and also on reverse, fall of them make raise happening of feeling of happiness.


Table 1. Statistical indexes related to study Variables


Table 2. Multi-parametric regressions to predict “happiness and its objections” by using mentally health condition


Table 3. Regression Coefficient for predicting happiness through mentally health


Table 4. Regression indexes for predicting negative excitants prevention trough mentally health

As interpret of regression indexes results, there is exist significantly negative relations between Inside bad beliefexcitedly and Experimental errors with negative excitants prevention; so, raise of recent mentally health parameters cause to turn down of negative excitants prevention and also on reverse, fall of them make raise happening of negative excitants prevention.


Table 5. Regression indexes for predicting positive excitants through mentally health

The results of regression indexes show negative significant relation between Mind and belief, Hurt intention and Experimental errors with positive excitants that follows: After raising and falling of this recent mentally health parameters, reversely, positive excitants turn fall and raise, respectively.


Table 6. Regression indexes for predicting life satisfy through mentally health

According to recent regression indexes results, it can be explain that between mind bad belief, hurt intention and Experimental errors with life satisfy, a significant negative relation is exist, however, raise and fall of recent mentally health cause fall and raise of life satisfy level.

Discussion and Conclusion

For testing the specific study questions, at first statistical parameters were used to check normality data results that shows the data results are normal and symmetrical. So because that, multivariate regression statistical models through same–time to enter method was done and its results show that significantly a strong relation between Tehran youth people happiness and mentally health; thus that, the F level produced from mentally health and happiness was 2.93; mentally health and parameter of negative excitants prevention was 2.61, mentally health and positive excitants was 2.20, and mentally health and life satisfy was 2.34, what all of them were in significant level (α = 0.01); as result of it, plus make answer of the main study question, the answers of subsidiary question also provided. The results of this recent study were agree with Ambady and grey who describe character parameters and positive excitants can make turn the raise of happiness; Brickman and Campbell believe affects of belief conditions on happiness feeling; Headey and Wearing describe adaptation process and character parameters and their effect on happiness feeling. Dinner interests on important rolls of character parameters in happiness; Bayom who believes gladly and ungladly people have different kinds of happiness performance. Beniard by referencing to Netel that introduced: physically and mentally life of people is effective on all live sides, particularly on feel of happiness. Argyle, insists on extended roll of positive excitants on people mentally committed and he knows this kind of experiments the main object of happiness genesis. Mayerz believes satisfy life–levels asan effective parameters on happiness. Sligman by be quotation from Extermera who has pointed to positive excitants and its effect on mentally healthy increase and happy feel. Dayner who described that the existence of positive excitants and after, emotionally balance is placed on the top of effective parameter about happiness. Roysomb & Harris described 0.32 of happiness and mentally health pair fusion. Headey and Wearing: physically and mentally health condition can almost introduce the personal happiness-level. Shihan and Skomb refer mentally health to happiness; Kamen and Sigel know self-looking and optimistic looking are the most interesting effective object of happiness creation. Stir, Markides and Gudin who are believe neurotic people are unhappy. Ligman points to connection between physically with mentally health. Easterlin describes that the positive relations between happiness and mentally health might can be explain the long living of happiness people and finally, Mayers says that poor happy persons judge their life events undesirability and also experiment a bunch of negative excitants like stress, depression and angry feel. If investigate around happiness and mentally health, a full match related pattern between this pair will be clearance to describe, because in all study records, about this specific relation, it has been strongly mentioned.