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Commentary - (2023) Volume 7, Issue 2

Food Sources with a High Glycemic Record Quickly Release Glucose and Raise Blood Glucose Quickly
Maren Carstensen*
Department of Nutrition, Paderborn University, Germany
*Correspondence: Maren Carstensen, Department of Nutrition, Paderborn University, Germany, Email:

Received: 31-May-2023, Manuscript No. IPJDRE-23-16868; Editor assigned: 02-Jun-2023, Pre QC No. IPJDRE-23-16868; Reviewed: 16-Jun-2023, QC No. IPJDRE-23-16868; Revised: 21-Jun-2023, Manuscript No. IPJDRE-23-16868; Published: 28-Jun-2023, DOI: 10.36648/ipjdre.7.2.17


Diabetes patients going through PD might find it simpler to control their glucose levels because of the progressive ingestion of glucose and insulin and their constant mixture into the peritoneal pit. Glycemic control is the best serum glucose fixation in diabetic patients. It is basic to perceive factors influencing the glycemic control of patients to forestall control and difficulties. Increased glycemic control reduces the risk of micro vascular complications in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and long-term treatment and follow-up studies have shown that underlying serious control is linked to reduced cardiovascular risk. The pancreas, an organ behind the stomach, is where beta cells are found. In order to maintain precise blood glucose levels, insulin levels in the circulatory framework are carefully adjusted. Sugar moves out of the circulatory system and into muscle, fat, and liver cells, where it is quickly metabolized. Poor glycemic control might be exacerbated by factors connected with both the patient and the clinical consideration supplier. Glycemic control is thought to be influenced by age, sex, preparation, intimate status, BMI, smoking, diabetes duration, and medication type. A portion of the difference between eating a standard amount of glucose and eating a specific starch—a food that contains sugar—that causes an increase in blood glucose—a type of sugar. Food sources with a high glycemic index quickly release glucose and raise blood glucose quickly. Using its different chemicals, especially glucagon and insulin, the pancreas keeps blood glucose levels inside an extremely limited scope of 4-6 mm. This preservation is accomplished by the going against and changed exercises of glucagon and insulin, which is called glucose homeostasis. Ice cream and other concentrated sweets with a low glycemic index but high calorie content should be reserved for special occasions. Reduce regular thing press to something like one-half cup a day. Totally wipe out refreshments with added sugar. Eat an empowering kind of protein, like beans, fish, or skinless chicken, at most feasts. Apples can be a good snack for diabetics. Fiber in fructose might assist with forestalling spikes in glucose and insulin levels, and it could be preferable for insulin levels over glucose. Also, apples are well off in supplements. Poha or Smoothed Rice is less managed than white rice and has more improvements like iron, carbs, and proteins. It is safe for diabetics to consume because it is light on the stomach and does not raise glucose levels. The most conventionally elaborate test for noticing determined glycemic the board is glycated haemoglobin A1C, haemoglobin A1C, HbA1c, which shows ordinary levels of blood glucose over the beyond a couple of months. It is utilized to explore diabetes and to screen the common sense of treatment. Even though drinking lemon water will not directly lower your glucose levels, it can certainly help prevent sudden spikes. The beverage is easy to get ready, contains not many calories and carbs, and it helps diabetics by keeping them hydrated. Standard ginger use oversees insulin and lower glucose levels. Eat consistently, and don’t skip feasts.



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Citation: Carstensen M (2023) Food Sources with a High Glycemic Record Quickly Release Glucose and Raise Blood Glucose Quickly. J Diab Res Endocrinol. 7:17.

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