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Awards 2020 - (2019) Volume 3, Issue 3

Conference on Nanotech & Nanobiotechnology - Awards 2020

Alexander Seifalian

CEO, NanoRegMed Ltd, United Kingdom, E-mail:

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Expert Level: This is the best Honor Scientific Award Among the participants. Generally this Award will be given to the person when they reach the Following criteria like he/she should be expert in their Profession Research field of Nanotechnology more than 20-25 years of Experience and their articles should be published more than 200-300 Articles and if anyone are suitable for this Criteria you have to Notify us at least before a month of the conference by Registering and this Award will be present on the same day of the conference and your presentation will be appreciated among the participants

Professional Level: Professional Level Award is the second top Award in the conference and for this any PhD scholars and Associate, Assistant professors can be qualified for this Award and their Research work must be at least 10-15 years of experience in the Nanotechnology field and their article publication should be 100-150 and that person can be Awarded with the best Professional Award and if anyone are eligible for this Award you have to inform us by Registering and the individual will be Award with the best Professional Award in the conference

Scholar Level: For this Award the Young Researches, PhD students and the perseveres they have an opportunity to participate in this conference and the best Researcher will be Awarded and the eligibility for this Award is he/she must have the professional field of Nanotechnology and their work will be appreciated in the conference and if anyone meets this criteria will come under young Research forum and can register for the conference.

Women Scientist: Women Scientist Award majorly highlights the women ’ s works in Science and technology and we encourage them by presenting this Award and for the Best Women Scientist among all the women Participants in the conference one will be awarded and she should have more than 5 years of experience in the Nanotechnology field and some publications and her present research work can also be valued and this is the best opportunity for the women Researchers and the eligibility person can be register for the conference

Outstanding Speaker: This Outstanding speaker Award is to the best speaker who have made outstanding contribution on their presentation in Nano field and this can be any person from the conference and this award will be presented at an event the receiver of this Award should have an informative ideas in the Researching recent trend and development on the related subject

Best Keynote Speaker: This Best Keynote Award is recognized for the one who present their project, strategies that have been implemented to improve long term excellence in Nanotechnology field and the keynote presentation session should be more than 40 min and the eligible person can contact the Program Manager of the conference and confirm your slot

Best Poster Presentation: The best poster Award is mainly for the students not only for them anyone can participate in this poster and participation cost must be paid before the conference to confirm your participation. Mainly students can present their Real time work and share their views Related to the theme of the conference and you can book your slot from the website or you can contact the Program Manager of the conference to book your slot for the presentation

Outstanding Thesis: This outstanding Thesis award is represented for the upcoming researchers and PhD students they can present their project and thesis and you can attend to this conference if you are unable to be as an in person at the conference you can mail us your work (Article) and this submitted article should not be published in any journals or proceedings and kindly confirm your slot from the website