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2020 Conference Announcement - (2021) Volume 6, Issue 2

Announcement of 2nd International Conference on Psychology Education, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Recovery

Erin Ramachandran

Director, Mental Health & Wellness Program, California Area, USA, E-mail: mentalhealthstrong@outlook.com

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Following the tradition of successful events held in North & South Americas and with the magnificent success and overwhelming response, we are privileged to announce Psychology Education 2021 titled “2nd International Conference on Psychology Education, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Recovery” which is scheduled on February 19-20, 2021 at Milan, Italy.

The aim of this conference is to further foster the development of psychology education, individual traits, positive institutions, psychotherapy, interventions, holistic health, happiness, mindfulness, philosophy, wellness and wellbeing areas, strengths and virtues, gratitude, meditation, spirituality, motivation, resilience, mental health and quality of life, stress, therapies, autism, addiction, flourishing, technology, work and organizations, coaching, optimism, self-esteem, flow, hope, bullying, culture, and to provide an engaging forum for academicians, experts, researchers, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, coaches, counselors, yoga and meditation specialists, social workers, scholars, leaders, students, practitioners, medical and business professionals, and those interested to learn more. We hope that this conference will provide a stimulating avenue to learn, exchange ideas, network and embrace wellbeing science and applications. We invite you to come along - be involved, stimulated, challenged and inspired!

We collaborate with authentic partners, exhibitors, sponsors from around the world who are committed to supporting the happiness, wellness, mindfulness and wellbeing movement and who work towards an inclusive environment where organizations, institutions, academies, hospitals, medical centers, and societies can thrive for a better quality of life.

Positive Psychology 2021
Email: psychologyeducation@europemeet.com
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  • 2nd International Conference on Psychology Education, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Recovery
    Milan, Italy