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The Effectiveness of Nerve Activation for special needs children who are addictive to gadget during Pandemic

Erna Marina Kusuma

The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred has resulted in changes in several aspects of human life, including education and therapy. The closure of therapy and school is enough to make parents who have special needs children worry about their child's development. As a result, many special need children developments are slowing down or even stooped. Even a lot of them are addicted to gadget because they cannot be asked to do other activities and they also feeling bored at home. So eventually, many parents give gadget to their children so that they can be controlled. Their children also expressing tantrum if they are not given gadget to play. Parents are hoping that during the pandemic, in which they have to stay home long enough, they can also help their children and see the significant development of their children. A natural way that can aid the brain become actively re-integrated is by activation of the nerves. Nerve activation is a consolidation of an assortment of simple movements and light massage integrated into the head and inside the mouth. This movement and massage can be executed passively or actively. Some of this nerve activation movement is simple and can be consummated at home. Massage at home can only be done to patients that had been nerve activated before in the clinic before the pandemic occur. The categories of patients in this case are aged 3 to 5 years, experiencing speech delays and concentration disorders, have never tried any therapy. Parents can see significant progress in their children as long as they perform routine massage every day with duration of 30 minutes. Significant developments are seen in several areas: self-controls, concentration, language, academic understanding and socialization.