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The effect of Presbycusis-related Tinnitus among older adults with Alzheimers Disease

Fereshteh Bagheri

Age-related hearing loss (ARHL) or Presbycusis is the organic and physiological changes that happen in the auditory system with increasing age above 65 years old. One of the features of impairment of auditory system functions is tinnitus. Both of them (Presbycusis and tinnitus) are essential risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Because of negative effects of Presbycusis and tinnitus on the speech perception in elderly people, a significant number of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease have language problems in some stage of disease. Because in auditory processing there is a direct connection between auditory discrimination, memory, and interpretation of spoken word and tinnitus disturbed attention and memory in elderly people. It is important that we start treatment and use of hearing aid among alder adults with Alzheimer’s disease and complain of Presbycusis and tinnitus. The population of older adults is growing in the world and knowing about the problems in this population could help to increase the health and life style of the elderly(Zhang, Yu, & Ruan, 2020).