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Survey on aflatoxin awareness and assessment of Muktainagar Taluka in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra

Rajendra D Yeole and Sangeeta A Deshmukh

The survey on Aflatoxin Awareness And Assessment Of Muktainagar Taluka in Jalgaon District, (Maharashtra) was carried out during the year 2012-13 to create awareness among the people and assessment of it through questionnaire method. A questionnaire of fifteen different questions was prepared. In this survey study, data was collected from thirty four villages of Muktainagar Taluka. Total two hundred fifty questionnaires sheet were sorted village wise and pulled data information about aflatoxin awareness and assessment is done. Among the thirty four villages 81 questionnaires were collected from Muktainagar, 30 from Anthurli, 28 from Taroda , 15 from Naygaon and 10 from each Kothali, Hartala and Wadave and from other twenty seven small villages one to seven questionnaires were collected. Out of 250 individuals surveyed 14% were S.S.C., 36% were H.S.C., 33% and 06% were found graduate and post graduate respectively. The individuals who have obtained other qualification were found 11%. In the occupation status it has been observed that 08% were engaged in service, in business it was 09%, in agriculture it was 34% and the people involved in other business were found 49%. In consumption of oil it was found that 55% family utilized less than 5 Kg. or 5 Kg. of oil and 45% family consumed more than 5 Kg. of oil per month. 79% families are found which have 5 or less than 5 members and 21% families have more than 5 members in the family. The average consumption of oil per individual is found in between 1 to 1.5 Kg. per month. The soybean oil is consumed by 67%, groundnut 31%, cotton 01% and 03 % families used other type of oil. In adulteration of oil 63% individuals were aware and 37% were unaware about it. It is observed that 61% individuals purchased branded company oil, 17% utilized local brand oil whereas 22% found using loose oil. For the reason behind using branded oil, 63% individuals replied that it is always pure and good for health while 37% persons have replied for different reasons behind using branded oil. The reasons behind purchasing local company oil 20% have answered, for getting it cheaper and easily available compared to that of the branded one, and 80% have replied that there are other reasons besides these to purchase local company oil. The other common reasons were found are saving money, scarcity of money, economically reasonable, and poor purchasing capacity of the individuals. The information collected on the physical fitness of the people, indicates that 94% individuals were found physically sound and only 6% were suffering from different physical problems. The common physical problems recorded are allergic to dust, oil smell, diabetic, asthma, arthritis, cervical spondylysis and itching hand skin and none found related to carcinogenic. Data collected on different types of storing appliances for groundnut indicates that among 250 individuals surveyed 15% used plastic gunny bags, 19% used plastic container, 54% used aluminium tin to store groundnut pods and12% used to keep it open. 36% individuals were aware about the aflatoxin and 64% were found unaware about it. 48% consumers were aware about the toxin, other than aflatoxin and 52% were unaware about this. All these surveyed individuals made aware about the aflatoxin and the reasons behind producing it.

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