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Research into or on neurology and pharmacognosy and medical science and natural medicine

Reza rezaie khanghah

First of all I found lots of medicine for lots of diseases like phlegm and sore throat and headache and etc . I stated a Therapy for scrupu- lous and other kind of disease like this.Except disease and medical science and medicine and astronomy I have some other research in- to/on other fields of study.I found how stars moves at constellation and they have two general movements and in conclusion I say some  of my studies drink water at stand up stance it can cause you sweat a lot.My findings support my hypothesis. My hypothesis is can we have natural medicine instead of chemicals one? Does any disease have medicine? Can we success at our life? And other hypoth- esis that I explain it in manuscript .When you want to drink water,suck the water and don't swill(guzzle water(don't drink it sudden- ly)because it can Three things increase your memory and take away phlegm:1.frankincense 2.Toothbrush quran.Vessels irrigate whole body, bones keep organs, brawn(muscle) keeps bones and nerve keeps brawn(muscle).Eat beet because it digests your food and  the leaf of that helps you to urinate properly(:to urinate completely.At night don't eat Fig a lot but at day eat a lot.For sore throat drink milk.Matrimony(marriage)struggle can lead to heart illness.Large raisin takes away sorrow and tiredness.Eat walnut at winter, makes kidney warm.Eat cheese because it makes you to sleep and digests your food.At camel milk there is a cure for diarrhea.Apple destroys cholera.Beef meat with beet destroy white spot that appear at skin.Mushroom is a cure for eyes.Chick pea(pea)is good for back- ache.Teenagers that eat breakfast although they give lots of calories but in contrast to teenagers that don't eat breakfast have lower weight. Children that don't eat breakfast gain weight and they are in danger of becoming fat.There is a meat in human body that if it is healthy  and works properly the rest organs or other parts of body becomes healthy and works properly but if it isn't the rest organs or other parts of body can't work properly and becomes healthy and that meat is heart.