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Normal distribution of ABO blood group and Rhesus factor in Al-Najaf province

Salah Khamis Haider and Alaa Hashim Abd-Ali Al-Maliki

A cross sectional study among Al-Najaf province population related to blood group distribution showed that the ABO and Rh (D) blood groups distribution among 1628 young adult males 698 (42.9%) and females 930 (57.1%) from different locations in Al- Najaf in Iraq. Blood samples were collected by venipuncture method. The blood was transferred into laboratory were tested for both the blood groups by routine slide method. The 4 regions of Al-Najaf show high incidence of the O blood group and a much lower incidence of the group AB record (39.7% - 9.4%) respectively other blood groups A, B percentage ( 26.5% - 24.4%) respectively. In Rh system records: (92.6%) for Rh positive and (7.4%) for Rh negative. The allocation of ABO system and Rh system in a specimen from Al-Najaf people as follows : blood group O is highest hesitancyto be continued blood groups A, B, and AB respectively, as the Rh +ve record is highest Rh phenotype hesitancy from Rh-ve .