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Nature of seeds polysaccharide obtained from medicinal plant of Wrightia tinctoria R.Br. (Roxb.)

R. B. Singh

Polysaccharides was isolated from crushed seeds of Wrightia tinctoria R.Br. (Roxb.) with water and precipitation with ethanol to obtained in crude form as D-galactose and D-mannose in 1:3 molar ratio, as determined by alkaline hypoiodite method. Crude polysaccharide consumed 1.36 moles of iodine by iodometrically. The obtained monosaccharides were characterized by paper chromatograph on Whatman No. 1 and 3 MM filter paper sheet and identified by column chromatography using cellulose column. The nature of linkages are of (1→4)-β-type in Dgalactopyranose and D-mannopyranose units at main polymer chain while (1→6)-α-type linkages in Dgalactopyranose at non-reducing ends which were confirmed by IR-spectra (KBr). Sugars were identified by their melting points, sulphated ash and optical rotation. Derivatives were prepared by usual manner as D-galactose phenyl hydroazone, m.p. 169-1710C, Lit mp. 170-1710C and D-mannose phenyl hydrazone m.p. 194-1950C, Lit m.p. 195-1960C. Absorbance were recorded at 814 and 874 Cm-1 region by IR-spectra (KBr.).